About Us

Plan B Services, started life as a very small "Hobby" based Company (Sole Trader) for our Director - James Shilling.

As he was qualified in Health & Safety, but had a Full Time Job already, he used to do occasional work for others.

The work he received started to increase, and so did the type of Customers he looked after.

Then came a change.....


James was made redundant from his Full Time Job in September 2016.

As a result, he was able to expand his "Hobby" to become the Director, of what is now Plan B Services (Consultants) Limited.


Once James had decided that this was the way forward, then he obtained more qualifications, and started to look for a wider Customer base.

He also decided that the small Company he created needed to grow.

Plan B Services (Consultants) Limited, was born!

Moving Forward

Once he'd Incorporated the Company, was when he was approached by a couple of very large businesses in the local area, some NHS businesses, the Military, and the Railway(s) including the Underground, and other well known Companies.

Now, we have a healthy Customer base, who we have regular work from, and often, via "word of mouth", we get others.

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Kills

The Company have recently branched out to undertake Fire  Risk Assessments, for a Company in Fakenham.

James has known it's Director for over 25 years.

These being a Legal Requirement, they have been a staple income for us.

Please visit: Steward Safety Supplies Ltd

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

James has recently become a DGSA, for both ROAD & RAIL Transport.


This is a highly sought after Qualification, and is for Chemical, Fuel and Transport Industries, and also for businesses that Manufacture or Supply.

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